kickstart archives DVD-Release (discontinued)

Is this page's GUI familiar to you? If yes, then enjoy it! If not, then welcome in the world of Amiga computers!

kickstart archives was a compilation of living and expired AMIGA related html sites in both English and German language about the history of Amiga and Commodore, famous amiga persons, Amiga models and clones, the AmigaOS and alternative Operating Systems, peripherials, the Amiga Patent Story and additional material on data carrier. All documents were offered on DVD with permission of their authors or copyright holders. kickstart archives was running on any computer platform and was hard disk installable.

kickstart archives had contained the "Amiga History Guide" by Gareth Knight, the "Big Book of Amiga Hardware" by Ian Chapman, the "Amiga Hardware Database" by Alex Lupták and Jörg Brenner and a collection of setup disks as well as user's manuals, service manuals and schematics in the pdf file format.

Please read the ReadMe File for History.

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