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Supported Products
BSC/alfaData Oktagon, MultiFaceSoftware, MultifaceCard, SerialMaster, ISDN-Master, ISDN-Master II
Commodore A500, A501, A500Plus, A501Plus, A590, A600, A601, A1060, A1084, A1300, A2000, A2060, A2065, A2088, A2091, A2232, A2286, A2300, A2301, A2320, A2386SX, A2630, A3000, A4000 ,CDTV
Electronic-Design Neptun, Sirius, Pluto, SuperCut,
Great Valley Products G-Force040combo, Impact Series II A2000-HC(+8), Impact030 (AT/IDE)
ICP vortex Golden Gate 25 MHz 80386SX AT-Emulator, Golden Gate 25 MHz 386SX und 486SLC AT-Emulator, ATonce AT-Emulator
MacroSystem Combitec AutoBoot-Karte (A2000 with A2090)



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